1. RISING NO. OF APPLICATIONS TO SET UP ARCs: With the recent spurt in NPA levels of
    all the banks added with the Stress in Corporates showing no signs of letting up, Reserve  Bank of India has received a bunch of applications for licences to set up Asset
    Reconstruction Companies (ARCs).2. 20 PSU BANKS POST LOSS IN Q4 OF THE FINANCIAL YEAR: 20 PSU Banks have a
    shown a combined loss of Rs 16272 crores loss for the fourth quarter ended March 2016, as bad loans situation worsened. Non-Performing Assets in some Banks have crossed the RBI’s tolerance level and that could prompt for more corrective action in future.

    FRAUDS: The RBI is examining a proposal to cap customers’ liability in the event of online fraud. With increase in online transactions, complaints regarding online frauds have also increased. It is imperative to retain customers’ confidence in the delivery channels. By imposing such measures like capping the liability, the customer confidence can be boosted.

    Positive Pay feature in its Mobile APP. This allows a customer to transfer an image of the cheque (issued by him to his clients) to the Bank. Thus ICICI Bank becomes the first Bank  to deploy “Positive Pay” to individual customers. This allows for a safe and faster processing of a cheque as it alleviates fraud risk. With this “Positive Pay” process the Bank does not have to rely on manual or electronic verification as the information received from the customer is more authentic and thus frauds can be avoided.

    5.  INCREASE IN SERVICE TAX FROM 01/06/2016: From 01/06/2016 onwards the service tax applicable will be 15% , from the existing level of 14.5%, an increase of 0.50%

    6.SEBI TO DELIST 4200 FIRMS: Securities Exchange Board of India ( SEBI) is planning
    to take number of steps including delisting of non-trading and poorly traded companies.  This is a step to further safeguard the interest of investors.

    7.RBI ASKS BANKS TO UPGRADE ALL ITS ATMs: Reserve Bank of India has asked all
    banks to upgrade all ATMs by September 2017 with additional safety measures to     prevent skimming and cloning of debit and credit cards. Presently the ATM infrastructure on the  whole continues to process card transactions based on the data from magnetic strips. The Central Bank has issued instructions to enable all ATM to accept and process EMV Chips  and PIN cards. This would enhance the safety and security of ATM Transactions.


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This company is started by 3 highly qualified, experienced and reputed individuals having extremely good contacts and rapo in the financial market.

These 3 like minded and experienced people have come together with a vision to help the needy persons who are on a lookout for required finance.

Our team of experts will help and guide prospective customers in availing Loans & Finance from various banks & institutions.


  • MUDRA DISBURSES Rs 1.43 LAKH CRORE TO SMALL AND MICRO ENTERPRISES: The Micro Units Development and Refinance ( MUDRA) , a loan scheme launched by the Government has disbursed an amount of 1.43 Lakh Crores and most of the beneficiaries are the new entrants in Small and micro enterprises. These figures are as on May 2016.
  •  PRIVATE BANKS PIP PSUs IN FY 16 BALANCE SHEET GROWTH: Balance Sheets of 22 PSUs for the financial year 2016 grew by a meagre figure of just 3.4 lakh crore, ascompared to the increase of Rs 4.3 lakh crore in the group of 13 private sector Banks. Private sector Banks achieved this growth by way of 18.1% growth rate as compared to a meagre growth rate of 4.1% by Public Sector Banks. This is a clear indication that Private sector Banks are taking the market away from the PSUs.
  • NEW NORMS FOR RATING AGENCIES SOON : Security Exchange Board of India ( SEBI) is taking tough stance towards the credit rating agencies ( CRA) and has said that it will come out with fresh set of regulations governing these bodies. SEBI said the underlying principle behind these norms is to ensure enhanced transparency and accountability.
  • INDIA POST PAYMENT BANK APPROVED: The Union Cabinet on 1st June 2016 granted its approval to set up India Post’s payment Bank. Initially 650 branches will be made operational by September 2017. These 650 payment Bank branches will be linked to all rural post offices. The payments bank will be managed with a professional setup, headed by a Chief Executive officer.
  •  EQUALISATION LEVY ON START-UPS : Starting June 1 st the Indian Start-ups will have additional financial burden and administrative overload by way of 6% equalisation Levy ( Now popularly known as GOOGLE TAX) . Indian Start-ups are largely dependent on online platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc to drive their business, will now have to bear a Equalisation levy of 6%. Under the new rules Indian advertisers will have to withhold 6% of the gross amount paid for online advertisements (payment of more than 1 Lakh a year to an overseas technology company) as equalisation levy. As a result of this Indian Start-ups will have to now shell out 6% more on their marketing budget which will immensely impact their profitability.
  • START-UPS WITH MARKED DOWN VALUATIONS MAY GET TAX NOTICE: The Income Tax Department is discussing a controversial move to levy tax on those start-ups whose valuations have fallen recently on the grounds that the first premium was more than the firm’s fair value. Start-ups are already worried about lack of further funding and falling valuations, and added with the recent Equalisation levy of 6% they will find it very difficult to manage things.